The Tremendous Power of a Daily Creative Habit

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In 7th grade, I switched instruments from the Trombone to the Tuba because that meant I could ditch football practice for “tutoring” and stop getting the hell beat out of me on the football field. My band director, not in these exact words, put two paths in front of me.

“You can be average at football, or spectacular at Tuba. But you’re going to have to work at it. In fact, you’ll probably make all-state band.”

As a scrawny Indian kid, with virtually no natural athletic ability, football lost its appeal rather quickly and I played the Tuba for 9 years, made all-state band 3 times in high school and even got accepted to the USC school of Music. I practiced almost every day from the time I started playing the Tuba until almost the end of my senior year in high school.

Out of all the things I learned from those years, one still informs my life to this day.

There’s tremendous power in doing something every single day of your life. While you might not notice its impact on a day to day basis, over the course of a year, 10 years and the course of a lifetime , it will end up having a profound impact on your life.

It’s a lesson that was imparted to me from my 9th-grade band director James Whitis. It’s lesson that changed my life and continues to change my life. For the last 5 years for me, that thing has been writing.

While I don’t play the Tuba anymore, I do have a practice of writing every single day. And this habit has resulted in many unexpected things.

Seth Godin has written a daily blog post for more than 10 years. The results speak for themselves.

The commitment to do one thing every day, regardless of what, is one of the many ways you can design your days to design your life. It’s one of the easiest ways to realize just how much you control your life. And taking control of one aspect of your life will create a ripple effect that bleeds into other areas of your life.

If you’re disciplined enough to do something on a daily basis in one area of your life, it’s hard for it not to translate into other areas of your life. A daily creative habit is an investment that can drastically increase your earning potential over time.

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