The Sum of Countless Conversations and Shared Experiences

When I’ve looked back over the last few days at the comments on Facebook, the likes and the profile pictures I see the sum of countless conversations and shared experiences.

Each conversation and each experience shapes the arch and narrative of our lives. The spectrum of emotions, joy, love, grief, and heartache are like colors we used to paint this masterpiece called life. And every crossroad, a brush stroke, a drop of paint on the canvas that changes the picture ever so slightly, and the trajectory quite drastically.

We’ve shared drunken nights where we’ve stayed up until the sun was rising and coffeeshop conversations that seem like they could go on for eternity.

We’ve shared epic surf sessions and conversations between waves that engrave deeper memories.

We’ve shared stages, cocktails in hotel and airport bars, and brief moments of audacity, when for those moments we believe we’re put her for the expression of our soul’s purpose.

We’ve shared those moments that Simon Sinek defines as love, when we give someone the power to destroy us and trust that they won’t use it.

We’ve shed gallons of tears together over the things we lost, over things that mattered to us. We’ve gone through dark tunnels together and defeated the dragons and the demons that stand between us and a higher state of consciousness, the next level of accomplishment.

We might ask ourselves what we regret or what we would change? But if we changed anything we wouldn’t be where we are experiencing what we’re experiencing. I remember telling one of my oldest friends that I wish I had figured all this out when I was younger. She said “but the you wouldn’t have the perspective you do and the story you have to tell about it all.” If you had told me 10 years ago that getting fired from all my jobs would be the path to writing two books with a publisher I’d have thought you were crazy. I couldn’t have possibly planned any of it. It’s not exactly a prescription for a successful life plan. There’s no course, no map, just a compass.

You and I are the sum of countless conversations and shared experiences. We’ve written our stories in the chapters of each other’s lives. So for today, I’d love nothing more than if you share with me the conversation and shared experience that brought us together. And if you feel compelled share this with someone and ask them the same.

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