The ROI of Creativity at Work

Quantifying the ROI of Creativity at Work

ROI of Creativity at Work

1. Understand the Impact of Paradigm Shifts

The Commercial Web Browser + Credit Card Processing

Web 2.0

  • Publish a book on Amazon.
  • Create a show on YouTube.
  • Start a Shopify store.
  • Distribute a podcast or their music on iTunes and Spotify.

Mobile Devices + Location Tracking

Artificial Intelligence and Exponential Technology

  • Have access to our health data on demand.
  • Be able to automate complex and repetitive tasks.
  • Create industries that don’t even exist yet.

2. Take Advantage of Lower Costs, Faster Execution Speed, and Tools that Are Easier to Use

How Investing in Creativity Pays for Businesses

1. The emergence of Latent Talent

  • An employee might be a phenomenal writer. That person could write a newsletter for customers or write for the company blog.
  • Another employee might be phenomenal at synthesizing useful information from books, podcasts, etc. That person could build a second brain and curate knowledge!

2. Translatable Soft Skills

  • Bias Towards Action: When you get in the habit of doing anything daily, you start to develop a bias towards action. A strong bias to action is critical in a world that moves so fast and a trait that’s common to successful people across many domains.
  • Increased Attention Span: Attention is the currency of achievement. In a distracted world, the ability to manage one’s attention is both a cognitive and a competitive edge. Creative work demands an intense focus on cognitively demanding tasks.
  • Flow: Flow is the critical ingredient to peak performance across every domain. Creative expression creates the conditions for flow and gives individuals the superpower to make the impossible possible.
  • Increased Motivation/Engagement: Visible progress is one of our greatest motivators. An ongoing creative practice provides that which in turn increases motivation. It puts us into to virtuous cycle of progress, motivation, and momentum.
  • Happiness/Well Being: A creative practice can increase our happiness and allows us to cope with challenging experiences. When people are happier and more engaged, they perform better.

3. Innovation

How to Foster a Culture of Creativity and Innovation

Encourage Curiosity

Give People the Freedom to Take Risks Necessary to Be Creative

Give People Time to Be Creative

Capture Ideas and Build a Second Brain

  1. What will go in it?
  2. What won’t go in it?
  3. What is our current workflow?
  4. What parts of that should be in our second brain?

Designate a Curator

Design an Environment that’s Conducive to Creative Thinking



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