The People Who Don’t Define us By Our Accolades

Some of the most important people in our lives are the ones who will never define us by our accomplishments or accolades. They will just accept the deep fully expressed truth of who we are, with the good, the bad, our bruises, scars and wounds.

They make us feel our best when we’re at our worst.

They catch us when we fall.

They help us get back up.

They see in us what we can’t see in ourselves.

They believe in us when we can’t believe in ourselves.

They hold space for the infinite potential within each and every one of us.

Their love for us is unconditional.

When the sun has gone down, the curtains have closed, and it’s last call, these people will still be standing by our sides. They’re the quiet voices that never get heard, the ones that are not in the spotlight, but behind the scenes, the ones that subtly help to make the impossible possible.

Don’t ever take them for granted when they show up in your life.

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