The Life and Career Changing Magic of Rapid Execution

  • He sketched a design for a new walkway, artificial grass, and palm trees
  • Obtained the necessary paperwork
  • Hired a landscaper

Speed As a Habit

rapid execution
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How Rapid Execution Changed the Trajectory of my Carer

  • 2 hours later, I replied to his email with a mockup of a website and said, “Is this what you had in mind? When do you want to get started?” Today that website is the Unmistakable Creative Podcast
  • My brother-in-law suggested the idea for this article at 6 pm. The first draft was done at 7 am the following day.
  • Rapid execution enabled me to finish a 45,000-word manuscript in less than 6 months.

Speed Reduces Friction. Slowing Down Increases It

Photographer: visit almaty | Source: Unsplash
  • Today becomes tomorrow,
  • Next week becomes next month
  • Next year becomes never.

4 Stages of Rapid Execution



  • When people are indecisive, it leads to paralysis by analysis, procrastination, and the eventual death of an idea.
  • Rapid idea execution requires you to be decisive in the absence of clarity. By definition, every decision is a bet on an unknown outcome.
  • Because decisions precede actions, being biased towards decisiveness is just as crucial as bias towards action.

3. Execution

Discipline 1: Focus on the Wildly Important

  • If you’re writing a book, writing is your essential priority. Everything else is until you’ve finished writing the book.
  • When you’re building a company, finding customers who will pay for a product is more important than everything else. If you get that right, the rest will take care of itself.

Discipline 2: Act on the Lead Measures

  • A salesperson’s lead measure is the number of calls they make to prospective customers
  • Lead measures for writers might include hours of deep work, word counts, or the number of articles they publish

Discipline 3: Keep a Compelling Scorecard

Discipline 4: Create a Cadence of Accountability


  • Having a strong bias towards action means that you don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do, ideal conditions, or the perfect time (all of which are illusions).
  • It doesn’t mean trying to do a hundred things in a day. Most people would have a stronger bias toward action if they did less but did more of what’s essential.
  • Last but not least, condensed timelines, artificial deadlines, and the power of artificial time constraints can help you get things done much faster than you thought you could.

Example: Starting a Podcast with Rapid Execution Framework

  • Idea: Start a podcast to document and preserve the stories of your family members.
  • Decisions: Which family members will you interview first, what questions will you ask them, etc., etc.
  • Execution
  • Focus on the wildly important: Since the interviews are the essential ingredient recording them is more important than building a website, buying a domain, or setting up a Facebook fan page.
  • Act on the Lead Measures: Since you can’t control how many people will download or listen to the podcast, your lead measure could be hours spent conducting interviews.
  • Keep a Compelling scorecard: Setup an editorial calendar and track the number of interviews you conduct
  • Actions
  • Reach out to one family member every day of the week and schedule a 20-minute interview with each one.
  • Record 5 interviews
  • Buy a domain and set up your podcast in iTunes.

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Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao

Candidate Conversations with Insanely Interesting People: Listen to the @Unmistakable Creative podcast in iTunes

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