The Invaluable Trait that Helps You Make the Most of Any Situation in Life

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

 an invaluable trait that will help you make the most of any situation in life.

Resourcefulness is a Trait that Helps You make Most of Any Situation in Life

 an invaluable trait that will help you make the most of any situation in life.
  • The biggest threat to large media companies with unlimited resources and huge budgets is a single creator with unlimited ingenuity.
  • First-time founders who bootstrap are often more successful than second-time founders who have an abundance of funding because they are resourceful.
  • When someone is resourceful, they understand that knowing how to make a million dollars is much more useful than having a million dollars.
  • Resourcefulness is what empowers a startup to disrupt an industry or topple an 800-pound gorilla.
  • A resourceful founder can accomplish the same amount of work with three people that other people do with ten people.

A Crash Course in How to Make the Most of Any Situation in Life


How I Made the Most of my Pocket Money

I thought attending networking events would help me find a job. But you had to pay to attend

How I Made the Most of My Time

When I was job hunting in the summer of 2009, I received invaluable but counterintuitive advice. The worst thing you can do when you’re unemployed is spend all your time looking for a job. And that’s exactly what some of my fellow students did. One said she applied for every job on the internet, which was not only stupid, but ineffective.

Why Resourcefulness is in Invaluable Trait that Helps You Make the Most of Any Situation in Life

1. Resourcefulness Helps You Create More Resources

Pissed off Patty and Rich Robert both own apple trees.

2. People who are Resourceful Recognize the Value of their By-Products

“When you make something, you make something else. Just like they say you can’t not communicate, you can’t not make something else. Everything has a byproduct. Attentive and creative entrepreneurs recognize those byproducts and see opportunities,” says Jason Fried in a blog post about why you should sell your byproducts.

3. Resourcefulness Breeds Self-Reliance

Would you rather have $250,000 now or earn it in the next nine months? Many people would say, “Show me the money,” as Cuba Gooding Jr did in the movie Jerry Maguire. If you took the money, you would have more resources.

4. Resourcefulness Helps You Build Transferrable Skill

When we start something new, we underestimate the skills we’ve developed in the past. But we don’t realize that all the jobs, projects, and hobbies we’ve developed give us transferable skills. And we can apply those skills to whatever we do next.

5. Resourcefulness Fuels Collaboration

When I wrote my first self-published book, The Small Army Strategy, I didn’t have the money to hire someone to design a book cover. But my friend Mars Dorian loved the book so much after reading it that he offered to design one for me.

6. Resourcefulness Leads to Innovation

When I was a student at Berkeley in 1999, it took hundreds of hours, technical knowledge, and thousands of dollars to build a website. Today, anyone reading this could build a website in less time than it took me to write this article, and for less than ten dollars.

What Repurposing Content Teaches You About Resourcefulness

How to Start Being More Resourceful

The Fallacy of More and The Reality of Enough

“You have enough resources to start right where you are today. You have enough whether you have a dollar in your pocket or not. If you know one person, live on the street, don’t have a car, have never started a business, or didn’t go to college, it’s enough to get started. It’s not enough to be successful. It’s probably not enough to be successful at any significant level, but it’s enough to get started,” said my mentor Greg Hartle in our interview on The Unmistakable Creative Podcast.



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