The Fundamentals of Power

What is it and What are the Fundamentals of Power?

what is power
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  • If you’re a parent, you have the power to make your kids eat their vegetables by refusing to cook something else.
  • Because I have a podcast that people listen to, it gives me the power to persuade people to buy Julie’s book.
  • Journalists have the power to expose corruption in organizations by writing stories that millions of people read.

Where Does Power Come From?

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  • When you place an order at a restaurant, a waiter has power because they control access to the food you want to eat. That’s why you should never be a jerk to people who serve you food.
  • Suppose a business owner wants a media outlet to publish a story about his business. In that case, the media outlet has power because it controls the audience a business owner wants to reach.
  • When a landlord owns an apartment complex, they control access to a resource that tenants need and want

3 Fallacies About The Fundamentals of Power

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1. Power is Something You Possess

2. Power is Positional

3. Power is Bad

  • A president can use his power to exploit the citizens and line the pockets of his cronies. Or he can use it to actually “drain the swamp.”
  • CEO’s can make decisions that make shareholders or improve the lives of their customers and employees

4 Ways to Change the Balance of Power in any Relationship

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1. Attraction

Increase the Perceived Value

Increase the Real Value

2. Consolidation

  • No matter where you live, there are probably 2–3 alternatives for high-speed internet access.
  • Cell phone service providers in the United States use consolidation to limit the available alternatives to Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile.

3. Withdrawal

4. Expansion

  • If you want to buy a cell phone case on Amazon for your new iPhone, there are thousands of alternatives. So, people who make cell phone cases are forced to compete on price.
  • The internet expanded the available alternatives for content from a handful of options to millions of them. This shifted the balance of power from large media companies, book publishers, and radio stations to individual creators with limited resources and limitless imagination.

Power and Authority are Not the Same

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Why Understanding the Fundamentals Power is So Important

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Listen to my full interview with Julie Battilana on The Fundamentals of Power



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