The fundamental premise of self-help is that something is wrong with you and the book, therapist, or life coach is going to fix it.

I think that’s garbage.

We read self-help books, listen to podcasts, hire coaches, and go to therapy, in an effort to change or fix all the things we think are wrong with our lives. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Context causes us to base our behavior on a set of predetermined assumptions. When my 7th-grade band director told me I’d make the all-state band one day, there was no sign that I possessed any musical talent. But, his words changed my behavior.

Tapping into this opens up so many possibilities for you, and I think it’s critical that we learn how to do this on a regular basis. When you start any effort to improve your life with the premise that there’s nothing wrong with you, regardless of your current skill level, you approach it with confidence. Your default belief is that you’re capable of getting better at something even if you suck when you start.

What if you could approach your personal development with a completely different context: one that was based on the premise that you’re good and the job a coach or therapist is to make you great. The simple shift in context could transform your reality, which is why we invited positive psychologist Sasha Heinz to speak at The Architects of Reality.

Side-note: We’re committed to making this event accessible and affordable for our listeners. So for those of who you have been on the fence, we’ve created a payment plan.

Sasha Heinz is a positive psychologist whose research focuses on the science of well-being, behavioral change, and optimal human functioning. She’s studied under and taught alongside some of the most influential and innovative psychologists in the field of Positive Psychology. Listen to her interview on the podcast

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