The Blank Page is a Place Where Your Imagination Can Wander

The blank page, the empty canvas, the ball of un-sculpted clay give us places where the imagination can wander…

A place where dragons fly

A place where we have superpowers

A place where our pens, pencils and paintbrushes turn into magic wands capable of bringing damn near anything into existence

A place where the fond memories of our past and the dreams of our future connect in the present

A place where we are free of expectations

A place where there are no rules other than the ones we choose to live by

A place where no dream is too ambitious and no idea too audacious

A place where we can freely turn the people who piss us off into characters who get dysentery, have small penises, and experience other humorous misfortunes worthy of a Judd Appatow film (H/T Anne Lamott and Linda Sivertsen for her interpretation “if you don’t like who you were portrayed, you shouldn’t have fu#$‪#‎kd‬ over a writer)

A place where the rays of sun kiss our face, the breeze blows through our hair, and we still end up having perfect hair days.

A place where words sound like music, and pictures look like movie scenes

A place where there are no clocks and time ceases to exist

A place where the coffee is perfect, hot and delicious

A place where everything is made of chocolate, candy grows on trees, and a diet entirely made up of dessert will never make you fat or unhealthy

A place free of judgement, self awareness and self doubt.

A place in the worlds of Elle Luna, where nothing is known and anything is possible

A place where shit eating grins and moments of being overwhelmed with joy are par for the course.

A place where the sex is amazing and the orgasms last forever.

A place where the surf conditions are perfect, the waves are epic, and the lineup is empty.

A place where your inner child is calling all the the shots.

A place where the game is infinite and lights your eyes up.

A place where we are mad to live, mad to talk and mad to be saved (H/T: Jack Kerouac)

Going to this place where the imagination can wander is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves every single day. So let it run riot, through the storm, through the fields wide open, and into the light.

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