Understanding the Difference Between Real and Imagined Limitations

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This guy was my driver for 3 days in India. Every week, he makes a 9-hour drive from the city of Chandigarh to the mountains of India. He does this 3–4 times a week. He also has a wife and two kids at home. He makes about 600 dollars a month. He sleeps in his car at night, even though it’s freezing in these mountain towns because a hotel is too expensive. He can’t afford to eat in the places where his passengers dine.

These roads arent the ones you and I drive. They’re treacherous, narrow, filled with potholes and it seems like you could drive off a cliff at any moment. Every drive comes with the possibility of death. In this life, there are no 3 day weekends or holidays. Every day he doesn’t work is a day of lost income. He’s done this for 15 years.

There’s no upward mobility in his situation. There’s no way out of this life. It’s a real limitation.

Imagined Limitations

  • We have the time to put into building a better life.
  • We have the mental energy to be resourceful
  • We may not be rich, but we aren’t working the way this driver is, just to keep a roof over our heads.

Think about all the things that have stressed you out over the last few weeks: the client you lost, the breakup, the date that went bad, the drop in revenue, the VC who didn’t fund your startup, the publisher who rejected your books. etc, etc. Sure, these events are real. But the limitations you create from them are illusions.

None of these obstacles put you in a permanent position.

  • You can make more money.
  • You can meet someone else.
  • You can find another client.

But the mind and the ego are masterful at getting us to wallow in self-pity.

We are victims of the inevitable events and circumstances of our lives. Look at your life. Ask yourself which of your limitations are real and which are imagined? Real limitations are facts. Perceived limitations are fiction.

When you confuse the two, you limit your life. When you don’t, you give yourself the power to architect your own reality.

This idea is the driving force behind “The Architects of Reality”- an intimate, 2-day experience I’m holding in April. Imagine what your life would be like if you had the ability to create a new reality, one that’s filled with wonder, purpose, and power like you’ve never had before.

That’s the purpose of this experience and I’m excited to finally invite you to join us.

Tickets are officially on sale. Over the next several days we’ll be introducing you to each of our speakers and sharing an overview of their topics.

If there’s someone who you know that could benefit from this story, forward it to them.

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