The 10 Dollar a Book With a Six Figure ROI

In 2013, I bought a 10 dollar on a book that had a six-figure ROI. My return on investment for that book was over 120,000 dollars. You might have clicked on this post, wondering what the book was. But, in assuming it will be the same book for you, you overlook the blatantly obvious variable that throws off every formula for success.

Books give you an education that kicks the crap out of the one you got in school. The beauty of reading is that you can design this education based on your own interest. But if you don’t remember and take action on what you read, you’re missing out on the benefits.

In every non-fiction book, you read, there are one or two ideas that can change your life. This is why things like Ryan Holiday’s notecard system are so important. Ryan has told me that many of those notecards lead to nothing. Four years before he wrote it, he jotted down the idea for *The Obstacle Is the Way* on a notecard and filed it in a box. The book sold more than 300,000 copies and as Ryan said in a recent post, a notecard change your life.

When I read the book I’m referencing, I learned about a simple idea called activation energy. This author defined it as “the initial spark needed to catalyze a reaction.” Basically, it’s the number of steps required for you to follow through on a habit.

I decided to apply it to a daily writing habit. I put my notebook, pen, and a book to read on my desk the night before. I opened up my writing software on my laptop, so it would be the first thing I’d see when I flipped it open.

I did this for 6 months until writing 1000 words a day changed my life and eventually led to a book deal and the opportunity to write two books with a publisher.

1. An Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake
2. Unmistakable: Why only is Better Than Best

The $10.00 book I was called The Happiness Advantage. I’ll be forever grateful to Shawn Achor for writing it. A ten dollar kindle book might just have a six-figure ROI.

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Order An Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake: Listen to the @UnmistakableCR podcast in iTunes

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