We live in world where it is very easy to talk about all the things you’re going to do. We can update our status,tweet, and even build a fan page. We can go to conferences to “network.” We can do lots of things that make us feel productive, even though we’re not.

However, where resistance begins is often where the effort ends for most people.

The minute those easy steps are finished and the reality of the hard work, grit, and grind involved star to surface, people step away from the edge, don’t do anything, and feed the resistance.

I see this over and over again in people. And I see it in myself too, when it’s easier than creating, shipping, and going past the edge. When the work goes from being an easy to follow set of instructions to somewhat nebulous, I would rather check boxes. You can check boxes or create. One leads you up the mountain. The other is a bit like constantly looking down to make sure you shoes are tied. It’s a simple choice, but no an easy one. Talk or climb.

Note: I’m experimenting with some of these short form pieces that result from my daily practice of 1000 words a day.

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