Personality Traits of Commercially Successful Artists

commercially successful artists
  • Be persistent in the face of almost impossible odds and know that nothing is guaranteed and anything is possible.
  • Be able to handle harsh criticism from people you have never met and often be misunderstood by the most important people in your life.
  • Have the humility to accept that your work may not be as good as you think it is. And listen to the people who have valuable feedback and learn to distinguish them from those who don’t.

1. Humility

commercially successful artists

2. Confidence

commercially successful artists

3. Persistence

4. Curiosity

Photographer: Gary Butterfield | Source: Unsplash

5. Optimism

Balloons on a string
Photographer: Andreas Weiland | Source: Unsplash

6. Stubbornness

Photographer: NeONBRAND | Source: Unsplash

7. Flexibility

Photographer: Wesley Tingey | Source: Unsplash

9. Business Savvy

From a naming brainstorm at a talk
Photographer: Patrick Perkins | Source: Unsplash

10. Love

Photographer: Jamie Street | Source: Unsplash



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Srinivas Rao

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