When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the storm is all about- Haruki Murakami

The dark night of the soul, the crucible, hell on earth. The darkest times of our lives have been called just about everything. We can’t plan or prepare for them. Like a storm, they just show up unexpectedly. Thunder, lightning, brute force winds and all hell breaking lose.

The storm is a test of how badly you want to be the person you get to be when you walk out.

The storm is designed to give you strength, courage, and grit.

The storm is designed to push your limits and find your breaking points.

The storm is designed to test your commitment to getting out of it.

The storm is you and me when our clothes are soaked, we’re hungry, we’re tired and we just feel like giving up.

The storm is when we’re in the middle of the ocean with no signs of land on the horizon.

The storm is Steven Pressfield’s resistance, Seth Godin’s Lizard brain, your fear, my doubt, and every artist’s pain.

The storm is the obstacle that paves the way to greater significance, greater accomplishments, and even more ambitious dreams.

Just know this. When you’re walking in the storm, you’re not alone. Somebody else is there with you. And depending on what you believe maybe even an unexplainable force is carrying you through this moment.

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