Make More Art: The Prolific Creator vs The Sporadic Creator

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The sporadic creator waits to be inspired. The prolific creator acts in anticipation of inspiration.

The sporadic creator believes in the “I’ve made it moment.” The prolific creator knows there’s no such thing.

The sporadic creator lives in an imagined future. The prolific creator does what he can today.

The sporadic creator is waiting for a big break. The prolific creator does the work that eventually leads to one.

The sporadic creator announces what he’s going to start. The prolific creator knows that nobody gives a shit what you’re going start. He only announces what he’s finished and starts what’s next.

The sporadic creator waits for permission from a publisher to write his book, from a label to record her album, from a television network to launch her show.

The prolific creator starts, ships, builds, entices the gatekeepers to knock on her door.

The sporadic creator confuses attention with accomplishment. The prolific creator knows the difference.

The sporadic creator is fame oriented. The prolific creator is career-oriented.

The sporadic creator procrastinates under the delusion of achieving perfection. The prolific creator ships in touch with the reality that progress is better than perfection.

The sporadic creator focuses on the outcome. The prolific creator focuses on the process.

The prolific creator is in it for the long haul. The sporadic creator lives in perpetual risk of being a one-hit wonder. Better to be Bob Dylan instead of Kris Kross.

The prolific creator concerns himself with depth and touching someone’s heart. The sporadic creator obsesses over reach and only gives a shit about eyeballs.

This is part of a series about how to become a more prolific creator. You can download the full book for free here.

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