Make More Art: The Prolific Creator Never Has a Shortage of Ideas

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The Prolific Creator Never Has a Shortage of Ideas

You don’t either. As I said in my last book, “Nobody has a shortage of ideas. We just lack the discipline to capture them.” It doesn’t matter if you have bad ideas or good ideas. The only goal is to have a lot of ideas. Whether it’s half baked, brilliant or bat shit crazy, write it down.

The Prolific Creator’s Work Speaks for Him

Prolific creators are too damn busy doing their work to tweet about it, compose status updates, or upload pictures to Instagram.

  • Cal Newport doesn’t even have a social media account. The only reason he got a smartphone was that his wife insisted after he had kids. He’s written multiple books on the side of a demanding day job as a professor.

The Prolific Creator is Focused

When my most prolific friends are in their creative cave, you get an autoresponder from them that says something along the lines of:

The Prolific Creator Runs His Own Race

Chris Brogan says, “Nobody ever won a race by looking sideways.” Around you is a world that leads to constant comparison. Inside of you is a world that leads to infinite creativity. The second is how you win the race.

The Prolific Creator Aims to Defy The Expectations of His Audience

AJ Leon first defied the expectations of his audience with a free e-book that looks nothing like a free e-book. It’s a work of art. He did it again when he custom-illustrated the name tags of every attendee at his conference.

The Prolific Creator Takes Matters into His Own Hands

Two young actors were struggling to find work. So they took matters into their own hands. They wrote a movie script to create work for themselves. After that, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck became household names.

The Prolific Creator Ships

The prolific creator knows that the only way his art will get better is if he ships. He has to open himself up to feedback to decipher brilliance from bullshit.

The Prolific Creator Goes the Distance

Steven Pressfield spent 19 years working on his craft before he got paid for anything.

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