Make More Art: The Prolific Creator is Patient

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The Prolific Creator is Patient

The internet is littered with life hacks, fast paths, and fool-proof bullshit formulas for success. The prolific creator knows deep down that the greatest work of his life and the great American novel will take more than 140 characters and more than a day.

The Prolific Creators Doesn’t Wait

To be inspired.

A Prolific Creator Creates More Than He Consumes

There’s no shortage of information coming at us every day. The prolific creator is deliberate about his consumption. He doesn’t click on every link that rolls through his newsfeed. He doesn’t subscribe to a million newsletters. He creates more than he consumes.

The Prolific Creator is Rebellious

He zigs when other people zag. He starts trends instead of following them. He’s willing to let his work scream with disdain for authority. He challenges the status quo and then he redefines it.

The Prolific Creator Doesn’t Focus on Byproducts

Book deals, downloads, leading roles, IPOs, and fuck you money are all byproducts. The prolific creator is focused on the work that leads to the byproducts. He’s focused on the process instead of the prize.

The Prolific Creator is Detached from the Outcomes of His Art

Once you become prolific, you’ll become less attached to outcomes. It’s hard to be attached to the outcomes of your art when you’re making so much of it. When you know you’ll be back tomorrow, you won’t spend much time lamenting how it turned out yesterday.

The Prolific Creator Doesn’t Rest on His Laurels

After a self-published WSJ Best-Seller and 2 books with a publisher, I still wake up and do the same thing every day: write 1000 words. I still self-publish books that a publisher won’t buy. Those things are what got me here in the first place.

The Prolific Creator Expects Nothing

A.R. Rahman famously said, “When you expect nothing everything comes to you.” He’s the most iconic composer in India. He’s sold more albums than Britney Spears and Madonna combined. If I ever made a Bollywood movie, it would be just for the opportunity to work with him.

The Prolific Creator Creates for The Trash Can

Erik Wahl coined the term “creating for the trash can.” You have the freedom to toss your work in the trash if you don’t like it. I toss plenty. My creative work is like my creative life. It’s filled with half baked ideas, false-starts, messy middles, dips and dead ends.

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