Make More Art: Learning to Walk

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Learning to Walk

Nobody falls out of the womb knowing how to walk. We’re helpless, speechless, reckless, persistent and curious. We hit our heads against walls, cry when it hurts, and set out on our next adventure to discover the world. It isn’t long before our parents can’t take us to restaurants, are sleep-deprived, and getting a workout from chasing us around.

The Fear that Paralyzes Us The Most

The greatest fear that we have to manage as creators is how the audience responds. And for most of us, the audience isn’t just the people who listen to our music or read our books. It’s mom, dad, brothers and sisters, and that family member who thinks your art is a waste of your education.

Nothing is Guaranteed and Anything is Possible.

There’s no guarantee that your art will lead to its intended outcome. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth making. Sometimes art leads to unintended outcomes.


Steven Pressfield writes about resistance. Resistance is the dragon that stands between us and the destination we’re trying to reach — between who we are and who we want to be.

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