Make More Art: Daily Battles

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Daily Battles

Steven Pressfield writes about the war of art. To win the war, you have to fight daily battles against distraction, resistance, assholes on the internet, and the bullshit in your own head.

  • What if this never leads to anything?
  • You should really be making more money.
  • Maybe you should get a day job.
  • If you were any good at this, you would have sold as many books as those guys and girls on the best-seller list.
  • Where exactly is this all going?

Peripheral Activities

Change your profile picture.

A Growth Mindset

We quantify and measure our lives from the time we’re in school.

  • Your college measures your potential for success in life.
  • Your job, the size of your bank account, or the attractiveness of your partner determines your status.

A Game of Inches

Tom Brady doesn’t take his first snap and conclude that he’s a failure if he doesn’t throw a touchdown on the first pass. He’s focused on gaining yards. It’s two steps back and 20 forward. It’s a game of inches.

Shit Hits the Fan

Just because you’re prolific it doesn’t mean that life doesn’t continue on around you.

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