Make More Art: Characteristics of a Prolific Creator

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The Prolific Creator is Self-Motivated

My parents never had to force me to practice when I played the tuba. In fact, they often had to ask me to stop. I was so self-motivated I drove them crazy.

The Prolific Creator has a Bias Towards Action

The prolific creator doesn’t spend his life making plans. He spends it making art. He takes action on his ideas.

The Prolific Creator is Consistent

He understands the profound power of consistency. He honors his commitments. He shows up at the same time in the same place, day after day, month after month, year after year.

The Prolific Creator is Resourceful

You don’t need more resources. You need more resourcefulness. And resourcefulness comes from within.

The Prolific Creator Gets up After He Falls

At some point in your life, things will fall apart. A lover will leave, your bank balance will dwindle and bridges will burn. These are all gifts from the universe that comes disguised as a punch to the face.

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