Make More Art: 1 Out of 100

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1 Out of 100

The prolific creator is inspired by possibility but works based on probability. Making more art increases the probability of your success. If one of out hundred things succeed, you can make 100 pieces of art, or you can bet the farm one piece of art. The first increases the probability of success, but it also opens you to the possibility that anything can happen.

How Do I Know If It Worked?

Before Seth Godin starts any project, he says to himself, “This might not work.” Two questions should come before this:

  1. How do I know if it didn’t work?

Treat Failure Like a Scientist

My father is a scientist. The bulk of his work is coming up with a hypothesis and testing it. Sometimes he’s wrong. But when he’s wrong, he doesn’t tell himself a story about why he’s not a good scientist or cut out to be a professor. He collects data, changes his hypothesis accordingly and conducts another experiment.

Nobody Gives a Shit What You’re Going to Start

There are a lot of people who spend a great deal of time talking about the work they plan to do and the art they’re going to make. At least once a day, I see an announcement that somebody is starting the book they’re going to write, the podcast they’re going to launch, etc.

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