How You Develop The Guts to Launch a Crazy Wild-Eyed Dream

This week we started unveiling our speakers for our second conference, The Instigator Experience. (Applications open Monday).

It’s the biggest project i’ve ever taken on for the second time in my life and it might qualify as something crazy. It’s a big leap from writing books.

  • It has more moving parts.
  • It takes more effort to produce
  • The stakes are much higher

Most people have a big idea, one that’s bold, audacious, crazy, and unmistakable. And if you’re wondering how to develop the guts to try it, my answer is going to disappoint you.

The view keeps changing with every single step you take forward.

  • You’ll see things you can’t see right now.
  • You’ll learn things you don’t know right now.

Two years ago writing a book seemed impossible to me.

  • A book can start with one sentence or one paragraph each day.
  • Building an app can start with something like a sketch in a notebook
  • A castle can be built one brick at a time
  • The Instigator Experience was a bunch of ideas in my Moleskine 18 months ago

Redefining the Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone

Chances are that you’ve underestimate the boundaries of your comfort zone. It’s something we all do. But what happens when you accomplish something crazy is that the boundaries get redefined.

If you plan your first event with 60 people, it doesn’t seem so daunting to do a second one with 80.

If you write one book it doesn’t seem so far fetched that you’ll be able to write another

Breaking it up into Pieces

My mentor Greg has a gift for looking at really big ideas and breaking them up into 100's of small pieces. As a result, nothing appears particularly daunting to him. He starts with the smallest pieces and tackles those first. By breaking things up into as many small pieces as possible, you’ll start to find courage you didn’t even know you had. Treat your projects like puzzles and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll make progress.

And here’s a simple litmus test to help you get through a crazy idea.

  • Will I die?
  • Will I go to jail?
  • Will I go bankrupt?

If the answer is no, go forward. And as my mentor said to me, “go really fast and if you’re about to hit something turn.”

It’s about not running out of cash before you have to close the doors

It’s about putting your work out there to find out if people care or not

It’s about making agonizing decisions quickly

Make quick decisions. Go. If you’re about to hit something, turn.

I’m the host of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast and The creator of a two day not-so-typical business event called The Instigator Experience.

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