How to Design Transformational Online Learning Experiences

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  • Encourage active participation,
  • Have built-in accountability for students
  • Lead significantly higher completion rates.
  • Produce tangible transformations

Instructor Responsibilities

transformational online learning experiences
Photographer: ThisisEngineering RAEng | Source: Unsplash

1. Focus on Transformation, Not Information

2. Avoid the Curse of Knowledge

3. Stop Blaming the Student

4. Make the Course 75% Interactive.

When you have live experiences, you want to spend it doing stuff that you can only do live. With first-time course creators, I always recommend that they aim for having 75% of their workshop be interactive: discussions, debates, critique, each other’s work, giving each other feedback, doing demo days, pitching something. Wes Kao

Student Responsibilities

Photographer: Headway | Source: Unsplash

1. Do the Damn Work

2. Pick Battles You Can Win

Avoid Mimicking Tactics

Apply Proven Principles in an Original Context



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