How I Use Mem: A Note Taking Strategy for Maximum Output

The Traditional Note-Taking strategy

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Networked Thinking: A New Paradigm for Your Note Taking Strategy

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Guiding Principles for my Note-Taking Strategy With Mem

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1. Every Mem is the Seed of a Bigger Idea.

2. Mem is an Idea Factory, not a Note-Taking App

3. Workflow is an important Predictor of Career Success

4. Your brain is a Network, Not a Hierarchy.

What Makes Mem Different and How it’s Changed My Note-Taking Strategy


This is what a Mem Looks Like


note taking strategy
note taking strategy
The Mem Timeline


note taking strategy
note taking strategy
The Task View


Templates in Mem

PARA — Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives

Sample Project Page in Mem

The Zettelkasten Note-Taking Strategy

4 Types of Notes

1. Fleeting Notes

2. Reference Notes

note taking strategy
note taking strategy
Reference Notes Mem

3.Literature notes

Literature Note Mem

4. Permanent Notes

What this Note-Taking Strategy Looks like In Practice

The Non-Linear Approach to Writing an article

How to use Bidirectional Links to Overcome Writer’s block

How Mem makes You More Creative

Want to Increase Your Creative Output

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