Behind The Scenes- The Truth About Doing Work That Matters

Behind the scenes of a great book is a writer who agonized over the words, thought it would never be finished, and endured pain, uncertainty and doubt.

Behind the scenes of a movie or show are hundreds of takes that never made the cut and were deemed not good enough.

Behind the scenes of Justin Bieber’s sold out show in Madison Square garden was a kid who got sick, lost his voice and had to cancel a few shows to make it happen.

Behind the scenes of the app, the startup, or the web site that we take for granted are sleepless nights, founder depression and levels of anxiety that I wouldn’t wish up on anybody.

Behind the scenes of the conference you’re attending are hundreds of hours of planning, negotiating and risk that pushes the people involved to their breaking point.

Behind the scenes of it all are moments when the plug almost gets pulled, the money almost runs out, and the artists almost loses his mind.

Behind the scened is the grind, the monotony, the pain and adversity.

Behind the scenes are things that almost never happened, but did.

Behind the scenes is the patch of land that surprised and grew without water, those unexpected moments of joy, shit eating grins and little moments that light your eyes up.

Behind the scenes is what the spectator never sees, but enjoys all the fruits of the creator’s labor.

And you only get to experience what comes with the spotlight if you can endure the pain of what happens behind the scenes.

The price you pay is the work behind the scenes.

I’m the host of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast and The Creator of a 2-day event called The Instigator Experience.

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