8 Harsh Truths About the Creator Economy

Srinivas Rao
5 min readAug 18, 2021
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The creator economy offers a new opportunity for people who are ambitious and want to control their own destiny. However, it is fraught with dynamics that aspiring artists overlook.

  • First, we need to understand the landscape of the Creator Economy
  • Second, we need to look at how the creative brain works.
  • Fourth, we need to address the knowledge gaps in the creator economy
  • Fifth, we need to build ecosystems to support the creator economy.
  • Finally, we need to understand and leverage paradigm shifts in the creator economy.

Paradigm Shifts

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When I started college in 1996, we were experiencing the first wave of the internet. Companies Amazon, Yahoo, and eBay were founded. But there was a huge gap between creativity and technology. It took thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to create something as simple as a website.

According to Lisa Gansky, the author of The Mesh and co-founder of Ofoto, one of the first online photo-sharing sites, it took nearly $ 100 million in funding to build the company. If you had an idea but did not have the technical means to implement it, it was a lost cause.

Since then, the gap between creativity and technology has narrowed and will eventually cease to exist. In her book, The Optimist’s Telescope, Bina Venkatraman describes digital technology as the steam engine of our time.

Like a steam engine, each technological breakthrough makes way for another.

  • Stephen Soderberg made a feature film using an iPhone.
  • Aspiring radio journalists can plug a microphone into a laptop computer
  • You can record your own show on TV, upload it to YouTube, and distribute it through Amazon Prime.
  • Writers can start blogs and newsletters and share their ideas with the world.

All of this is possible without publishers to publish your book, movie studios to acquire your film, and venture capitalists to fund your start-up. In…

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