8 Harsh Truths About the Creator Economy

Srinivas Rao
5 min readAug 18, 2021
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The creator economy offers a new opportunity for people who are ambitious and want to control their own destiny. However, it is fraught with dynamics that aspiring artists overlook.

  • First, we need to understand the landscape of the Creator Economy
  • Second, we need to look at how the creative brain works.
  • Fourth, we need to address the knowledge gaps in the creator economy
  • Fifth, we need to build ecosystems to support the creator economy.
  • Finally, we need to understand and leverage paradigm shifts in the creator economy.

Paradigm Shifts

Photo by Des Récits on Unsplash

When I started college in 1996, we were experiencing the first wave of the internet. Companies Amazon, Yahoo, and eBay were founded. But there was a huge gap between creativity and technology. It took thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to create something as simple as a website.

According to Lisa Gansky, the author of The Mesh and co-founder of Ofoto, one of the first online photo-sharing sites, it took nearly $ 100 million in funding to build the company. If you had an idea but did…



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