5 Keys to Having a Meaningful Impact at Work

  • How to bring all of your intelligence, creativity, energy, talent
  • How to do do work that matters and
  • What people who are having an inordinately high impact are doing differently than everyone else.
  • The mindset and behavior of an impact player.

Three Types of Employees

1.What is an Impact Player?

meaningful impact
Photographer: Riley McCullough | Source: Unsplash
  • Steve Jobs gets the credit but impact players like Jonathan Ive were instrumental to or the success of Apple’s products.
  • Authors get the credit for writing a book, but agents, editors and marketing teams are impact players whose work is instrumental to the success of a book.
  • Even though Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were starters, impact players like Andre Igadoula were influential players who helped the Golden State Warriors win an NBA championship.

1. Don’t wait to initiate.

  1. The ability to navigate ambiguity
  2. Self direction
  3. A strong Bias towards Action

Doing Things Without Being Asked Builds Credibility

Anticipate Problems in Advance and Solve Them

2. Serve Where You’re Needed

meaningful impact
Photographer: Charles Deluvio | Source: Unsplash
  • Manu Ginobli and Andre Igoudala both won the NBA championship by serving as the 6th man on their teams. Their individual stats might have been lower in the short run, but their overall success was far greater in the long run.
  • Tom Brady became the best quarterback in the NFL because he was willing to be a 4th string quarterback

3. Focus on the whole Race

Photographer: Steven Lelham | Source: Unsplash

Be the Kind of Person Who Can Receive a No Look Pass

4.Adapt and Learn

Photographer: Brett Jordan | Source: Unsplash

Learn to Separate Feedback On Work from Feedback on You as a Person

5.Match Your Talent with Your Environment

Photographer: Clark Young | Source: Unsplash
  • A scrawny Indian like me will not have a meaningful impact on the success of a professional sports team (unless I am the owner one day).
  • If you are tone deaf, you won’t have a meaningful impact on a professional orchestra.

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