20 Valuable Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 2020

1. Ask $30,000 questions instead of $3.00 questions

  • Do I have a good job and am I paid well?
  • Am I automatically saving and investing?
  • If I’m married or if I’m in a relationship, is it with the right person?

2. Stigmas are false perceptions

3. Ignore your press

4. There is no formula for love

  • People who thought they would be married forever get divorced
  • Someone who makes your heart sing today breaks it tomorrow

5. Shit hits the fan no matter how well you plan

6. Fear is a reaction and creativity is a response

7. Sometimes the messenger counts more than the message

8. Hitting a low point gives you power that is hard to access at any other time in your life

  • A relationship ends
  • You lose your job
  • Someone near you dies
  • As an athlete, you have an injury that ends your career

9. Clinging to an outcome beyond our control undermines our work

10. No matter how good you have it, you will always want more

11. Do not underestimate the power of audacity

12. Sometimes you can turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength

13. Inherited family trauma shapes who we are more than we realize

14. Sometimes it makes you happier to give up your greatest passion

15. Consider the tradeoffs

16. Be careful not to worship false gods

17. It is great to suck at something

  • Seth Godin, the cultural visionary who has written seventeen best-sellers, once wrote a book entitled Email Addresses of Famous People.
  • In Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos of today, he is optimistic, animated, and full of energy. Rumor has it that some of his first videos are dry and boring as hell. He got better with every video.

18. Stillness is the key to a more rewarding life

19. Sometimes fear is useful, sometimes not

20. Beware of the over-examined life




Candidate Conversations with Insanely Interesting People: Listen to the @Unmistakable Creative podcast in iTunes http://apple.co/1GfkvkP

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Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao

Candidate Conversations with Insanely Interesting People: Listen to the @Unmistakable Creative podcast in iTunes http://apple.co/1GfkvkP

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