11 Rules For Creating Value in the Creator Economy

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Rule # 1: Great Content is Not a Competitive Advantage

creator economy
creator economy
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Rule # 2: Loyalty is More Valuable Than Reach

creator economy
creator economy
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1. Retention Will Matter More than Acquisition

2. Engagement Will Matter more Than Reach

3. Hearts Not Eyeballs

100 true fanatics who will move heaven and earth to support you is far more valuable than 1 million people who pay attention today and forget about you tomorrow.

Rule # 3: Only is Better Than Best

creator economy
creator economy
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Rule # 4: Solve Problems Instead of Selling Products

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Rule #5: Mastery Over Metrics

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Rule # 6: The Audience Defines the Brand

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Rule #7: Active Participation Over Passive Consumption

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Rule #8: Creativity Over Technical Competence

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Rule 9: Use Distribution Channels That You Rent to Promote Assets You Own

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Hidden Vulnerabilities of Distribution Channels You Rent

Uncontrollable Glitches

Algorithm Driven Consumption

Platform Saturation

Data Ownership

Distribution Channels You Own

Every piece of content a creator produces is an asset they own, and a Facebook fan page with millions of fans is an asset that Facebook owns.

Rule 10: Automate and Delegate

Rule 11: Exceed the Limitations of Your Medium

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Profitable customer transformation that makes as much wealth for the audience as it does for the creators.

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